consolesurvey graph teaserLast week we reported on a survey that ranked what mattered most to console buyers. According to the survey, the top three findings were:

  1. Improve graphics quality (Graphics)
  2. Make more games available for the console I play most (Number of games)
  3. More storage space (Storage)

Not everyone agrees with the 1,013 sampled internet users aged 18+ who own a video game console. Specifically, the commenters on had opinions of their own.

With that in mind, I took a look at their responses and used that as data for an informal, completely not scientific survey of our own. Yes the sample size is small (50+ comments with selections), and no, we don't have any demographics on this whatsoever but I think it's safe to say that they are all gamers that are on the internet. Here's where they stand:


Our #1 Good Games is an interesting category because it does not include Good Exclusives or Variety of Games or 3rd Party Support (all separate categories for us), it could have but the responses were more general in nature and it still came out on top.

#2 was Graphics followed by #3 Good Exclusives which are both very important factors, Controllers came in at #4. The top answers are in-line with Mintel but there are some differences such as Storage which at N4G comes in at #8 instead of Mintel's #3.

There are a good number or low count responses that are important that should not be overlooked such as the Price of the console, What do my friends have, and the most surprising one to me is the fact that Community only was recognized as important by one person.

Both the formal and informal numbers show that graphics are important but that cannot be eclipsed by great games - something that the informal response gamers definitely agree on.