psvrPlaystation Virtual Reality (PSVR) is by far the best virtual reality setup out on the market since it’s October 2016 release. If you haven’t yourself tried a game, we at GradsNGames strongly recommend you do.

For those who have played PSVR, check out the best game titles released and expected:

  1. Rigs
  2. Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission
  3. Until Dawn Rush of Blood
  4. Tumble VR
  5. Batman Arkham VR
  6. Playroom VR
  7. Playstation VR Worlds
  8. REZ Infinite
  9. Battlezone
  10. Drive Club VR
  11. Resident Evil 7
  12. 100FT Robot Golf
  13. Thumper
  14. GT Sport


If you know of anymore more VR games worthy of recommendation leave us a comment below.