lego worlds 1Now that Lego Worlds is out in the wild, it's time to take a look at the game and see if it meets our expectations. Specifically, I was hoping this would provide a replacement (at least in part) for Minecraft which has dominated our digital gaming life for some time now with the kids.

The teasers for Lego Worlds always suggested, at least tacitly, that the game is a Lego Minecraft sort of thing. There would be an open world where you could build and explore just like Minecraft. Instead of squares of dirt/sand/stone/etc, there would be Legos instead. Instead of zombies and creepers, there would be skeletons and other dangers out there to watch out for. Sounds good right?

lego worlds 2

The game does feature brick-by-brick building where you can also alter the landscape around you. Digging provides access to caves and treasure, there are quests, there are actually vehicles sometimes (without mods!) and other things that are very Minecrafty. The gameplay itself is pretty good, the character responds how you would expect and building is fairly intuitive. It's a fun game that is safe for family play which is what I was looking for.

lego worlds 3

The game is not without quirks, chief among them is the free-build mode being locked until you have acquired 100 gold bricks. Sure you get to know the game better this way before you hit creative mode, but you bought the game so I would expect this to be ready to go as soon as you start. Oh well, it didn't take that long to gather the gold I guess.

lego worlds 4

So, the game is in theory similar to Minecraft but in reality it is different enough to be a good thing. It can replace Minecraft for a little while but if you like to get the family together with their iPads and make a server, Lego Worlds will not be a replacement. That is until they release an iOS version... Keep in mind the price is just $26 or so right now so it's a steal!