virtual reality

The Game Developer Conference 2017 is over and it has set up a drogue for the entire year in the game industry. During GDC week, many important announcements has been made in lots of insightful sessions. The first two days were titled VRDC in that Virtual Reality (VR) together with Augmented Reality (AR) was a talking point in this year’s conference. Many companies are getting in on this technology.

The GDC expo floor was full of VR companies showcasing their VR wares that attract people’s attention and enthusiasm. During a session entitled “Growing the VR ecosystem in 2017”, Viveport President Rikard Steiber claime VR will be the next mass medium after PC, wb, and mobile. He also put that Vive aims to achieve full presence in VR next year by making your body the controller. Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell also touted the potential of VR in his session “Lessons learned from a thousand virtual worlds”, where he mentioned that while VR has problems and challenges right now, a bright future awaits.

VR technology has getting its ball rolling and will obtain big changes and improvements in the future as many more companies has jointed to this fierce competition and also promising spurt of progress in technology. Things game developers have been working on includes easier player matching, better communities and alike contribute to building an ecosystem for VR. At some point in the future, VR and AR will shock up even more and turn game industry to a brand new page.