bf1 map verdunheightsBy now all of you know that the next Battlefield 1 DLC update will come with the French army, weapons and several new maps inspired from historical battles. Chief among them is Verdun Heights which stems from the actual Battle of Verdun.

This battle was one of the largest of WWI, and also the longest. EA and DICE went the easier route and concentrated the battle in Verdun Heights, instead of including the whole massive battlefield. In a way, the massive actual map would have been nice, especially if they allowed for more tickets and more players (think 128!)

verdunheights 1916map

Getting back to the Battle of Verdun, it was the Germans against the French and it lasted from February-December in 1916. It remains one of the bloodiest recorded battles in history with 377k French and 337k German dead. In the end the French "won" but it was a hallowed victory considering the toll it took on both sides.

If you are wondering about the fire present in the Verdun Heights map image from BF1, it's historically accurate from all of the artillery fire, and specifically a fire was responsible for 474 French troop deaths in a railway tunnel. War is hell so the fire is definitely appropriate.

One of the major factors in the real battle was the use of artillery from both sides. From standard artillery guns, to giant mortars, to gigantic railway mounted guns - the use of artillery kept the air and ground filled with exploding shells. That explains why the They Shall Not Pass DLC is getting the massive Siege Howitzer.

verdun ww1 mortar bf1 siegehowitzer

The aim of the map is to fight your way through the battlefield to get to the "massive fortresses of Verdun." We don't know for sure if this is included, but the largest fortress in the area was Fort Douaumont which can be seen in this aerial photo from 1916 - before the battle took place. You'll notice they cut back the trees to make the defense easier; if this follows in the game expect to be slaughtered running to the walls!

bf1 verdun fort douaumont

This map should provide some exciting moments on the battlefield!