gtx 1080 tiIt's pretty clear that Nvidia was hoping to maintain its status as the maker of the most powerful gaming card with their launch of the GTX 1080 Ti. While some "wow" was expected, I don't think people expected this level of greatness from the card. Priced at around $799, this new card is the most powerful card on the market at this point with a price-point, that while expensive, is essentially the same as the previous model was priced just a few weeks before. The GTX 1080 Ti even overpowers the amazing Nvidia Titan X which is no small feat.

Let me sum of the reviews in a nutshell; if you are gaming in 4k, this is the card that will give you the FPS you are looking for in a single-card solution.

I have one on the way but honestly, my review would not be anywhere as in-depth as others so I'll just post links to their and the scores or final verdict if they eschew scoring. I am looking forward to playing BF1 with this because even though my AMD Fury X is a beast, pushing 4k at gaming FPS is tough and I have to play on medium settings.

First up will be which is the best place to get this sort of info.
score: Recommended - essentially means 5/5 wow!
score: "if we're looking to run those console-level 4K titles at full-fat 60Hz, we're still going to need raw power, and for now at least, the GTX 1080 Ti is the only card worth considering."
score: 4.5/5
score: 5/5