bf4 ui updatesEA shot out an email this morning announcing that BF4 PC will be getting a new UI. It's interesting that a couple of years old game is getting this kind of treatment but the email points out that the UI is already active on all the other platforms so I guess they thought, hey why not.

This got me wondering how many people are still playing BF4 when there is Battlefield 1 out right now that is still shiny and new. Luckily there are sites that provide stats for this. Let's take a look.

BF1 Stats (from
PC: 28k
Xbox1: 28k
PS4: 83k

BF4 Stats (from
PC: 12k
Xbox (360+One): 6k
PS (PS3=PS4): 25k

BF3 Stats (from
PC: 4k
Xbox 360: 700
PS3: 3k

Well there are a number of interesting things to take away from these stats. First, I didn't know that Playstation was the most popular Battlefield platform - wow, impressive numbers compared to the other platforms. Second, BF1 isn't as popular as one might think for a new game. Third, there are still a decent amount of active BF4 players. There is a lot of fragmentation in the BF franchise it seems and EA can't be happy about that; clearly this is something they need to work on.

Anyway, here is the UI update email text:

The New Battlefield™ User Interface is Making Its Way to Battlefield 4 for PC

Dear Battlefield 4 player,

An important change is coming to your Battlefield 4 experience for PC. The new Battlefield user interface - already available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 players - will be introduced for PC players in early Spring, 2017. This UI provides a more intuitive and centralized experience for all your Battlefield games. Changes include:

  • Functionality for squad creation before you enter a match.
  • A recommendation engine to suggest relevant maps, modes, and more.
  • A unified user interface allowing you to launch Battlefield 1 from your Battlefield 4 client (if you own both games.)

Note that Battlelog will still be available on after this new UI is rolled out.