Google Play Store 11 840x561It seems that Google is focusing more on improving user experience of mobile games since most of the revenue it generated in the play store is from mobile games. Google has sent representatives to Mobile World Congress (MWC) and Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year talking about their making available some new tools. Last week, Google announced tools they were giving to Android developers that help developers display price discounts within the game. Meanwhile, some tools are made emphasizing on user engagement in the play store that show how people are interacting with the game, which is considered more valuable than simply looking at the install number. 

Notably, among all the tools that they having been working on. Google’s AdMob division announces a new playable ad format that improves user experience searching for a new game to install and likely increases more qualified install. Developers used to display the game in images and videos for customers to learn about the game. With these tools, mobile game developers could have potential customers play a lightweight episode of the game before they install it to play more.

On the other hand, game players would also welcome such tools that help them spending time on finding a correct game, rather than still being confusing when looking at the images or videos and then finding things different after having installed it. To say yes or no, let us look forward to seeing them on Google play store.